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About Us

Superior Firepower LLC

Superior Firepower LLC is a fully licensed Type 07 FFL with an SOT 2 Tax Stamp to accommodate the manufacturing of firearms and suppressors.   We have over 30 years of expertise supplying private government contractors, military and law enforcement highly customized weapons.  Our staff is comprised of former military and law enforcement personnel who understand what is important in the field.  We are honored to have supplied these organizations with upgrades, parts and weapon systems.  We also perform civilian gunsmithing on semi-automatic and full-automatic weapons. Superior Firepower LLC builds custom post-dealer samples for licensed FFL/SOT holders as well as for military and law enforcement agencies.


A large quantity of rifle and handgun shells well suited for a background.

This is one of the SAFEST ways to sell your firearm.

Russian light machine gun with machine gun belt

We Buy Guns

Whether you are selling one gun or 1,000 guns, Superior Firepower LLC is one of central Florida’s largest purchaser of NFA Firearms, used guns, collectible guns and complete gun collections throughout the country.

We also accept trade-ins and will provide you the fairest price possible on your trade-in as well as your new purchase. Bring your firearm(s) into our store today for a free quote!
This is one of the SAFEST ways to sell your firearm.

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FFL Transfers

Superior Firepower LLC provides inbound firearm transfer services from licensed dealers and online sales. A fee of $40.00 per firearm for CCW holders and a $50.00 per firearm for non-CCW transfers fee per firearm will be assessed upon delivery to the customer. Our NFA Firearm transfer fee is $100 per firearm. 

We will only allow transfer to the person listed on the invoice of the delivered product. The customer must be of legal age, a Florida resident with a valid Florida driver’s license or identification card that shows their current address.

You will be required to pass the required criminal background check before receiving your transfer. If you fail the criminal background check, you will be required to pay the shipping charges to return the firearm back to the original sender. No one else will be able to come in and pick the firearm up for you after a denial per ATF regulations.

Contact us at before you transfer the firearm to us to provide Superior Firepower LLC with the shipper/dealer’s phone number or email address so we may provide them with our Federal Firearms License which is required to complete the transfer by law.